About Video Play

How it works

  • Rent

    Video Play gives you access to the latest blockbuster movies. Stream or download them over WiFi and watch later.

  • Add to bill

    We've made it really easy to pay for subscriptions & rentals. Simply add them to your Vodacom data or fibre bills. Simple as that.

  • Across any 5 Devices

    Video Play has been optimised to fit into your lifestyle. Easily access our rich content through your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Download App

    For the best Video Play experience download our app, providing downloads via WiFi and sending your reminders on our latest releases.

  • Video Data Bundles

    Buy a video data bundle from as little as R50 for 1GB. Now you can binge longer for less!

Redeem voucher: If you have a voucher, please visit our voucher page to activate your subscription.

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