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How to get Prime Time

Purchase a 30-day WhatsApp bundle, and you automatically get 30 days of Prime Time. As easy as that!

My Vodacom App
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
    Purchase any WhatsApp bundle to get Prime Time
  • Step 3
    Wait for us to SMS you a clickable link to Prime Time
  • Step 1
    In the My Vodacom App , select “Buy” from the bottom menu.
  • Step 2
    Select “Vodacom Ticket”
  • Step 3
    Select a “Once-off” bundle
  • Step 4
    Select any “WhatsApp” bundle, and wait for us to send you a SMS!


  • How do I get Prime Time?

    All you need to do is purchase a WhatsApp bundle, and you will automatically get Prime Time. After your WhatsApp bundle purchase, you will receive an SMS with a link that will direct you to Prime Time on Video Play.
  • How much does Prime Time cost?

    Absolutely nothing! The Video Play subscription to watch the movies and series are FREE. You also don’t need ANY data to watch. Streaming is completely FREE.
  • How long can I watch for FREE?

    Prime Time gives you 2 hours of free streaming every day between 5am and 4 pm for 30 days once you have purchased a WhatsApp bundle. Once the 30 days Prime Time access has expired, you will need to purchase a new WhatsApp bundle to get an additional 30 days access to Prime Time.